Wellcast ROI™

Gain approval of your wellbeing programs with the most advanced ROI calculation tool utilized by employers and providers globally!
Calculate the ROI of your wellness, behavioral, occupational, and medication regime programs and establish concrete participation and effectiveness rate targets. Results are customized to your unique employee demographics, prevalence rates and risk factors. Generate objective ROI results and showt the financial contribution of your programs to the company´s bottom line!


What Solutions do we offer?

Gain approval of new and current prevention program budgets using a format familiar to financial decision makers.

Determine the ROI of prevention programs, considering both the economic (presenteeism, absenteeism, turnover, accidents, disability) and medical cost/premium savings (together or separately) customized to your unique employee population.

Determine the minimum breakeven effectiveness rate of each program and the maximum breakeven cost of each program, given the actual or estimated effectiveness rate.

Establish minimum effectiveness/outcomes rates for external vendors, given their price quotes.

Support the development of strategic plans for the prevention of physical, behavioral, and occupational health programs.

Say goodbye to estimates and rules of thumb!

Say hello to accurate ROI results customized for your business!

ROI calculations for all your prevention programs


Physical conditions, such as CHD, diabetes, muscular skeletal injuries, influenza, respiratory issues, and preventable cancer.

Behavioral conditions, such as depression, anxiety, impulse control, substance abuse, comon metal mental conditions, and conditions treated by EAP.

Coaching programs


Wellcast ROI™

The solution you need to justify your investments!

Showing customized ROI results will greatly enhance and accelerate the approval of current and new prevention programs.

WELLCAST ROI™ is a key tool in the development of strategic plans for the prevention of physical and behavioral conditions. Based on our 30 years of experience you will find that your ROI´s greatly exceed the ROI of alternative investments made by your employer.

Count on us!

Our team of experienced consultants are ready to offer you all the support and training you need to use our tools, answer questions, and how to present results!


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