The consulting support you need from A to Z!

Our consulting team has more than 20 years´ experience in calculating the ROI of preventive care programs. Our Calculators are utilized globally, including the US, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Canada, India, and South Africa. Each Calculator is developed to meet the unique needs of each country, while simultaneously applying a consistent approach to the calculations. The ROI calculations are the same ones used by financial personnel worldwide. As a result, our ROI program approval record is very high.

Count on Us!

Our Calculator licenses include consulting support through our Help Desk to guide you in the use of the Calculators and presenting results (if requested). We are there for you from beginning to end.

Specifically, we will explain the approach that we use either prior to after the purchase of a license. We will also provide a Conceptual Approach that explains how the following calculations are made:

  • Measuring the impact of demographic and risk factor data on the incidence of conditions.
  • Quantifying the impact of incidence of costs pre-program.
  • Determining the impact of preventive programs on the costs to determine cost savings.
  • Calculating break-even program cost, and minimum participation, adherence, and program effectiveness rates.

Please note that some programs have an impact on several conditions. For example, exercise programs impact CHD, diabetes, and even behavioral conditions. We will explain our approach on measuring the combined ROI.